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  • Originally released in 2007
  • Limited edition: 5000 sets, individually numbered from 0001​-​5000
  • Each set signed by Claude Nobs himself
  • Less than 1000 left for sale
  • NFA: Non-Fungible Asset, each set is unique
  • Total of 1892 pages adorned with over 1700 mesmerizing pictures
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Discover the captivating world of the Montreux Jazz Festival and its iconic founder, Claude Nobs, through the exclusive book set "Live from Montreux." This meticulously crafted collection brings together four remarkable books, boasting a total of 1892 pages adorned with over 1700 mesmerizing pictures.Each set is a limited edition masterpiece, individually numbered and signed by the legendary Claude Nobs himself. With only 5000 units ever produced, this is an extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of history.


These books were the foundation for the “They All Came Out to Montreux” TV series. A lot of the photographic material of the book is used in the TV series. Prince talks about those four books on stage, a scene shown in the TV series.

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